punctate basophilia

punctate basophilia

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  • punctate basophilia — basophilic stippling …   Medical dictionary

  • basophilia — 1. A condition in which there are more than the usual number of basophilic leukocytes in the circulating blood (basophilic leukocytosis) or an increase in the proportion of parenchymatous basophilic cells in an organ (in the bone …   Medical dictionary

  • basoerythrocyte — A red blood cell that manifests changes of basophilic degeneration, such as basophilic stippling, punctate basophilia, or basophilic granules …   Medical dictionary

  • stippling — 1. A speckling of a blood cell or other structure with fine dots when exposed to the action of a basic stain, due to the presence of free basophil granules in the cell protoplasm. SYN: punctate basophilia. 2. An orange peel appearance of t …   Medical dictionary

  • stippled cell — an erythrocyte containing granules of varying size and shape, taking a basic or bluish stain with Wright stain, as in punctate basophilia …   Medical dictionary

  • basophilic stippling — the presence of basophilic granules, consisting of precipitated ribosomal RNA, in the cytoplasm of erythrocytes, seen in conditions of defective heme synthesis (such as β thalassemia) and in lead poisoning. Called also punctate basophilia …   Medical dictionary

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